Why you need e-invoicing strategy.

Why Your Business Needs True e-Invoicing Strategy?

Technological Era comes into our lives with many significant innovations and concepts. In this era, digitalization is the main component of success for companies who aspire to achieve success.

  • E-Invoice system is one of the crucial parts of the digitalization process for companies that want to be stood ahead.

Why Your Business Needs an e-Invoicing Strategy?

Digitalization is rapidly changing the rules of the world we live in. Those who adapt to this rapid change continue to live and progress, while those who cannot adapt to the digitalization process fall behind. Therefore, your business needs an e-Invoice strategy because e-Invoice adds value to all companies that use it and it is the necessity of the digitalization process.

As a return to the digital world, e-Invoices will be made compulsory for all companies in the future. You have enough reason to be among e-Invoice users. If you want to make your corporate transactions easier and save money, you need to change over to e-Invoice.

What is an invoice?

  • The e-Invoice system is part of the process of e-transformation. E-Invoice is the name of the electronic invoice which preparing, sending, storing and presenting invoices electronically.
  • E-Invoice is the transfer of the standard invoice and invoicing process which is used in the past.
 Electronic invoices are subject to the same legal provisions and obligations as paper invoices.
  • They differ only in the environment in which they are created and recorded.
 The e-Invoice system, which is framed by laws and regulations is organized according to international standards.

Why You Need e-Invoicing to Maintain Your Competitive Edge?

Today, competition is harsh, and your business needs strength for maintaining its competitive edge. E-Invoice should be on your agenda for keeping your business success.

  • It provides significant advantages for cost and time savings. Thanks to the backup system to be stored in the electronic environment, costs such as expenditure for backup operation and data center are eliminated.
  • E-Invoice applications that increase business efficiency enable you to make your invoice transactions more reliably and practically. These applications are highly suitable for internal and external audits. Also, they accelerate the cash flow and provide financial support to businesses.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest transactions and more.
  • It gives the reduction of the operational load due to the reduction of paper, envelope, ink, printing, cargo/courier costs to zero. These costs seem to be small expenses for business, but they cause exorbitant sums in terms of their monthly and annual fees.
  • Another essential advantage of e-Invoice is the automatic archiving of your invoices. Legally, every invoice must be kept for 10 years. This creates a severe archiving problem for businesses. Digital archiving eliminates the workload and cost of storing the invoices. You can easily access your old invoices at any time.
  • Due to the invoices are in the register at any time, there will be no problems such as invoice loss.
  • e-Invoicing reduces manual mistakes and accelerates accounting transactions.
  • Another significant advantage of e-Invoice is reducing the tax gap. E-Invoice system provides transparency, and it establishes government-controlled invoicing environments. Thus, governments collect tax with business transactions in a digital environment.
  • e-Invoice is environment-friendly. A significant number of trees were saved from being cut down thanks to the e-Invoice system. In this way, preserving nature is the most important advantages of it.

How Sovos Foriba SAP Regulation Cockpit Helps Your Business

Sovos Foriba provides global solutions to companies that increase business efficiency and facilitate cost and time management with Sovos Foriba SAP Regulation. Sovos Foriba is the first company that has an R&D center in e-Transformation, and we follow world trends closely, developing all the e-Transformation solution that your company needs, fast and hassle-free solutions for all your accounting and financial processes.

Advantages of Sovos Foriba SAP Regulation Cockpit

With Sovos Foriba SAP Regulation Cockpit, your company has the advantage of;

  • Performing many transactions in a cloud storage environment.
  • Getting benefit from both on-premise and enterprise private cloud solutions.
  • Regulation monitoring to stay up-to-date to avoid penalties.
  • Adapting to new countries and regulations with no effect on SAP standards.
  • Minimizing the in-house cost of development.
  • %100 Multilingual SAP Interface.
  • Customizing package like SAP user exits.
  • Getting an optimum cost while saving you a lot of time in the implementation process.

Sovos Foriba SAP Regulation Cockpit has a fast adaptation to new regulations, updates in various countries. With the help of the dedicated support of 210+ ever-growing tax compliance team, you will never fall behind in something matters to your business.

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