Turkey e-Delivery

Turkey e-Delivery

The e-Delivery solution has the same legal authorization with paper deliveries and about to be realized by the Revenue Administration.

Taxpayers who are registered on the e-Invoice system and have a gross sales revenue of TRY 25 million or above in 2018 or subsequent fiscal years are obliged to switch to the e-Delivery Note system from July 1, 2020 according to Turkish Revenue Administration.

Features of Foriba e-Delivery

All Process on SAP

Gets updated continuously and protects the secured area of use. Foriba e-Delivery SAP add-on solution is fully integrated in SAP without an external interface or use of external software and SAP release and upgrade independent.


It is possible to authorize an unlimited number of users. Information can be archived for 10 years minimum.


Call center agents. Live chat with an expert. Self support and customization report so, less time effort.
Status update from government and tax authority.

Advantages of Foriba e-Delivery

Fast and Easy to Use
You can easily view your former deliveries in a single click with e-Delivery and digital archiving.
Low Cost
Costs arising from archiving and printing are put aside with e-Delivery solution. All operations can be completed electronically.
e-Delivery is Secure
Your data in electronic environment never get lost thanks to e-Delivery. With private integrator system, other companies can never access your information.

How to get started

Contact Foriba for a detailed live demo on our SAP environment. Our experts could provide both remote and on-site demonstrations.

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