Turkey e-Archive

Turkey e-Archive

Invoices that are obliged to be created, retained and submitted in a paper-based environment in
accordance with Tax Procedure Law, are enabled by e-archive to be regulated electronically and to retain
and submit the second copy in an electronic environment.

As of 2017, it was decided that the taxpayers with gross sales revenue of 5 Million TL and above would have to switch to e-Archive Invoice until 1/7/2019.

Features of Foriba e-Archive

All Process on SAP
Foriba e-government products enable you to manage all processes on SAP without requirement for any
additional software and/or hardware.

Enables invoice send out to payers who have not switched to e-Invoice system yet. You can create drafts similar to mail usage. You can view your invoices instantly. Anywhere, anytime


It is a low cost and eco-friendly solution.-e-Archive invoices created within a month are reported in the following period by Foriba on behalf of you. Archives invoices in a secure way for 10 years. Makes it possible to send invoices via e-Mail.


Supports displaying advertising content and company messages. It easily gets integrated with accounting systems you use. According to the rules and formats defined by the Revenue Administration.

Advantages of Foriba e-Archive

Space saver

Eliminates entirely the necessity of stocking copies.

Time saver

Customer gets notified via e-mail by the time the invoice is created.

Cost advantages

Eliminates the costs of paper, shipment and error correction.

Data Security

Data security is provided via e-stamp and e-archive. Safer than paper stocks.

Data accessibility

Allows swift accessibility to data in an electronic environment.

How to get started

Contact Foriba for a detailed live demo on our SAP environment. Our experts could provide both remote and on-site demonstrations.

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