The e-Transformation in The World

With the astonishing improvements in technology and now there is a concept that technology touches every moment of our lives with, many countries in the world today have been taking steps towards e-Transformation. Work and investments related to e-Transformation have started to show up in public institutions as well as in private sectors. The digitalization of accounting and finance processes play a crucial role in reducing the informal economy. It enables companies to increase productivity and makes it possible to save on stationary and labor costs and time. It also contributes to the workload as it facilitates the audit on the public side.

e-Invoice, one of the most popular products of e-Transformation, is used in many parts of the world, from America to Europe and from North Africa to Far East. The fact that the private sector is in a more decisive position in the United States has led the state to have a more limited influence on the development of the e-Invoice. However, e-Invoice is being used extensively across Latin America and Asia. Countries like Mexico and Brazil in particular prefer to use e-Invoice to avoid tax evasion.

The country that uses e-Invoice most in Europe is Germany. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Hungary e-Invoice is getting more and more common day by day. However, the region where e-Invoice is mostly used is known as Asia. In Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore are leaders in electronic transformation. With the evolution of e-Transformation in Turkey,  e-Transformation solutions like e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Delivery Note, e-Ticket, e-Declaration have shown impressive progress.

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