World Standards in Financial Reporting with Foriba IFRS! Foriba IFRS solution is in SAP standards, and not only for public companies but for everyone who has SAP access.

What is Foriba IFRS?

With a declaration issued in 2005, all public companies are obliged to keep financial reports in compliance with global standards. These standards are called IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). You benefit the advantages of automatic, detailed and professional reporting in SAP only with Foriba IFRS. In parallel, you save time and cost.

Advantages of Foriba IFRS
International Quality in Reporting

With Foriba’s IFRS solution in SAP standards, you can have a privileged international financial reporting standard just as global companies.

Standard Reporting for Everyone!

While excel reports may vary due to use of personal formulas, IFRS solution provides standard reporting. Additionally, preparing financial reports on this system by yourself is advantageous.

Saves Time Automatically

How would you like to prepare your reports? Spending days on excel sheets, or taking the automatic calculation and registry option of IFRS solution? Which sounds more profitable and smart? We thought so, too.

Stop Clutter with Parallel Ledger Feature

Do you worry about confusing IFRS reports with ledgers you keep? Relax. IFRS and reports are kept in different spaces. Thus, your ledgers never get messed up.

What Does Foriba IFRS Offer?

You do financial reporting in global standards.

It is possible to prepare reports without any external support.

With the automization feature, you save time.

You can enter the classification records to the system with a single click.

Creating accounting records automatically is possible by calculating due and debt internal rate of return.

Provides compensations for suspicious payments you think you may not collect.

You can easily view stock cost in IFRS system.