Foreign Trade

Manage your Import and Export Processes through SAP with Foriba! Increase your regulation relevance while managing foreign trade processes.

What is Foriba Foreign Trade?

Foriba Foreign Trade is a comprehensive solution to manage import and export processes swiftly in a single screen. You can reduce costs and minimize the risk while managing operations such as purchase, sales, payment and collection.

Advantages of Foriba Foreign Trade
Operation Compatibility with Regulations

All purchasing, invoicing, logistics and customs operations are done in compliance with regulations. This way, you can enjoy smooth processes.

Receiving Information on a Single Screen

Import and Export operations managed with document tracking are gathered in one screen. Purchasing, invoicing, logistics, work order and customs expense information can be reviewed at the same time. Convenient follow up possibility reduces your workload.

You May Monitor Your Expenses and Customs Operations

After the work order and invoicing, logistical processes can be viewed step by step. Completed phases can be followed with customs information, while effective cost management is possible by calculation of customs expenses.

Fast and Easy Reporting

It is easy and fast to generate reports thanks to this solution deriving powerful data by tracking all phases of foreign trade processes.

What Does Foriba Foreign Trade Offer?

Provides digital working environment without paper clutter.

Early risk management is possible, thanks to the step by step tracking of import and export operations.

Calculations for customs expenses help to anticipate the upcoming payments.

Report creation becomes easier with detailed data.

You can follow other supply expenses closely