Transfer your ticket into digital and avoid dealing with tons of paper! Corporations dealing with sea, road or air transportation are obliged to keep the 2nd copies of paper tickets. We save many trees by carrying these copies into the electronic environment.

What is Foriba e-Ticket?

Foriba e-Ticket allows companies to send passenger and ticket data to the Revenue Administration, as this is an obligation for corporations which operate in the field of air, sea and land transportation. By e-Ticket, you can store ticket data in a secure way for 10 years, and reduce the expenses caused by paper consumption and archiving. e-Ticket has equal legal validity as paper tickets both for customers and companies.

Advantages of Foriba e-Ticket
Equal Validity With Paper Tickets

E-Ticket is the legal equivalent of paper tickets. Transferring ticket and passenger data into an electronic environment, it avoids passengers losing their tickets. e-Tickets can also be indicated as expenses.

e-Agreement is Eco-Friendly

By carrying all your operations into a digital platform, you help to save the environment. Agreements between firms are completed digitally, and nature is preserved.

Manage and Access Tickets Conveniently

Foriba e-Ticket solution is helpful to both passengers and companies. Passengers eliminate the risk of losing tickets, while companies save time on struggling with paperwork and clutter.

Saves Time and Cost

Traditional paper, mailing and archiving efforts are no longer necessary. You can transfer all these tasks into the electronic environment; save time and money. It is time to use these resources more effectively.


Cares about trees by transferring the information on paper ticket stubs into a digital platform.

What Does Foriba e-Ticket Offer?

No necessity of archiving the 2nd copies of paper tickets.

Passenger and ticket data is easily transmitted to the Revenue Administration.

PDF visuals with signature can be generated.

You can perform portal or e-mail send outs.

Passenger lists and ticket information can be archived for 10 years, with the same legal validity.