e-Record Keeping

e-Record Keeping is a solution for the creation, storage and reporting of records in specified topics.

What is Foriba e-Record Keeping?

With e-Record Keeping, it is possible to create, store and report records of specified topics. The necessity of Keeping Records, General Communique No: 431 on Tax Procedure Law was published in Official Journal with number 28866 in December 29th, 2013. The effective date of the general communique is January 1st, 2015 for some taxpayers. Foriba e-Record Keeping provides service for report creation mentioned in the communique, keeping up with the technological developments. Records are unchangeable, and sources are protected.

Advantages of Foriba e-Record Keeping

Helps to preserve nature by transferring all operations into a digital platform.

E-Record Keeping is a Fast and Easy Solution

Record Keeping Reports are kept in the cloud. You can view them anytime, anywhere.

Single Format Solution

e-Record Keeping reports are prepared according to the rules and formats defined by the Revenue Administration. Thus, you can easily exchange information with private or public companies.

What Does Foriba e-Report Keeping Offer?

e-Record files are prepared in compliance with the Revenue Administration standards.

You can upload data on Foriba e-Record Keeping from any system. All received data is kept as raw.

The system gets updated in accordance with changes in the communique.

Reporting is possible with XBRL technology in international standards.

Changes can be made on previously created e-Record Keeping Reports, depending on the authorization level of the respective person.

e-Record Keeping solution includes communique compliant reports such as Warehouse and Transit Trade Reports, Purchase, Sales, Export, Import, Production Input/Output Inventories (Opening/Closing).