No more paper clutter with e-Ledger solution! You can support green by keeping obligatory cash blotter and ledger records in the electronic platform with e-Ledger solution!

What is Foriba e-Ledger?

According to Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code, it is obligatory to keep cash blotter and ledger information. Foriba e-Ledger allows you to keep and archive this information electronically for 10 years.

Advantages of Foriba e-Ledger
Reduces costs

You can use budget and manpower in different areas than archiving, notary and printing.

Provides Solution in Single Format

e-Ledger meets all requirements, standards and formats defined by the Revenue Administration. This way, it ensures compatible information transfer between private and public institutions.

Fast and Secure

You can access and check your ledgers and warrant files stored in the cloud. Anytime, anywhere.

e-Ledger is an Eco-Friendly Solution

Keeping records electronically rather than using paper, saves trees. By these means, you help to preserve nature.

What Does Foriba e-Ledger Offer?

All your e-Ledger files are prepared in accordance with the Revenue Administration standards.

Reporting is possible with XBRL technology meeting international requirements.

Your e-Ledgers can be signed with a time stamp.

Your cash blotters and ledgers are generated digitally.

You can enjoy the privilege of keeping your information secure for 10 years.

It is possible to check the records anytime, from anywhere.

It is a low cost and eco-friendly solution. No need to archive paper copies

It easily gets integrated with accounting systems you use.

The e-Ledger solution is compatible with all accounting systems.