Switch to e-Invoice with Foriba to create your e-Invoices easily in seconds!

What is Foriba e-Invoice?

An e-Invoice is an electronic invoice that has the same legal specifications with a paper invoice. E-Invoice solution helps to simplify your digital processes by ensuring faster and advantageous invoice transactions.

Advantages of Foriba e-Invoice
Reduces Your Costs

Expenses such as printing, shipping and archiving are eliminated with e-Invoice solution. Reduction in financial expenses allows you to use manpower more effectively in other areas.

Easy and Fast

As e-Invoices are archived in a digital platform, you can easily access them whenever you desire and save time with faster invoice operations.


You never lose track or record of your invoices with e-Invoice system. With private integrator system, only you can access the invoice details. Third parties cannot access this information.


As e-Invoice transactions are completed electronically, less paper is consumed.

What Does Foriba e-Invoice Offer?

With Foriba, it is possible to manage and authorize an unlimited number of users.

Your invoices are stored in a secure way for 10 years of the minimum.

You can view your invoices instantly. Anywhere, anytime.

Reports can be driven in the desired file format.

Invoices can be sent out in bulk.

You can create drafts similar to mail usage.

With private integrators, you easily and rapidly proceed with maintenance, update and security activities.