It is your turn, e-Delivery! The e-Delivery solution has the same legal authorization with paper deliveries and about to be realized by the Revenue Administration.

What is Foriba e-Delivery?

It is a Revenue Administration centric solution, which can only be used by companies registered to this application. It also meets all legal requirements of paper delivery.

Advantages of Foriba e-Delivery
Low Cost

Costs arising from archiving and printing are put aside with e-Delivery solution. All operations can be completed electronically.


Carrying all operations into an electronic environment, the e-Delivery solution reduces the woodchopping for papers and contributes to the environment.

Fast and Easy to Use

You can easily view your former deliveries in a single click with e-Delivery and digital archiving.

e-Delivery is Secure

Your data in electronic environment never get lost thanks to e-Delivery. With private integrator system, other companies can never access your information.

What Does Foriba e-Delivery Offer?

It is possible to authorize an unlimited number of users.

Information can be archived for 10 years minimum.

Bulk send out is possible.

Eco-friendly, low-cost solution.

Gets updated continuously and protects the secured area of use.

You can access information anytime, anywhere.