Our Always Better e-Declaration Package allows you to prepare and gather all your declarations and to upload them on Online Tax Administration.

What is Foriba e-Declaration?

Your declarations prepared in the declaration generator and sent to the Revenue Administration via logging into Online Tax Administration System can be digitalized with our SAP e-Declaration solution (e.g. VAT 1, VAT 2, withholding tax return, gross purchase, gross sale, stamp tax, advance tax and corporate tax). Our solution eliminates the need of a declaration generator tool and transfers all fields you’ve created specifically to the declaration into SAP, automatizes and supports these fields with review reports, creates XML according to the Revenue Administration standards, gathers and prepares your declaration, sends out to Revenue Administration via the e-Declaration system.

Advantages of Foriba e-Declaration
Saves Time

Save the time for yourself instead of preparing declarations with reports and manual operations.

Always Up to Date

It is fully compliant with all declaration versions prepared by the Revenue Administration.

e-Declaration is a Secure Solution

You avoid making mistakes by automated data transfer.

Fast and Easy

You can reach all your declarations anytime.

What Does Foriba e-Declaration Offer?

Generates XML files in the Revenue Administrations standards.

Eliminates the need for declaration preparing on tools.

You can access all your declarations within the system, anytime.

Completes transmission tothe  Revenue Administration via e-Declaration system.

Allows authorizing an unlimited number of users.

Gathers and packages your declarations.

Transfers all manually created fields into SAP, automatizes and supports these fields with monitoring reports.