Eliminate errors with e-Auditing! E-Auditing solution reviews e-Ledgers both technically and content-wise, and eliminates human errors.

What is Foriba e-Auditing?

Foriba e-Auditing is a solution which allows the reviewing of e-Ledgers technically and content-wise, in compliance with accounting and Revenue Administration standards and helps to find errors in the records, making sure to submit the documents in the correct format to the Revenue Administration.

Advantages of Foriba e-Auditing
Easy Access

You can easily access the reviewed reports of e-Ledger on a digital platform.  It is possible to visualize the findings and create practical, easy to understand presentations.

Provides Maximum Level of Control

By e-Auditing, it is possible to remove errors and maximize the data accuracy as ledger and cash blotter records are reviewed both technically and content-wise.

e-Auditing is Always Up To Date

From the day on which the updates and changes are defined by the Revenue Administration, the e-Auditing solution begins reviewing reports accordingly.

e-Delivery is Secure

Your data in electronic environment never get lost thanks to e-Delivery. With private integrator system, other companies can never access your information.

e-Auditing is Eco-friendly

You do not need large spaces to store the reports sent to the Revenue Administration. You can save many trees by storing these files digitally with e-Auditing.

What does Foriba e-Auditing Offer?

Your e-Ledgers are inspected in maximum level.

You might prefer to use your own closed-circuit system or Foriba cloud.

Human error is eliminated.

Tax debts caused by errors are eliminated.

Reports are generated in compliance with up to date standards of the Revenue Administration.

Accounting errors get fixed.

You can either assign an employee of your company with necessary technical requirements and procedure expertise or get support from Foriba experts.