Possibility to send invoices not only to companies, but also to end users and taxpayers with no e-Invoice registration.

What is Foriba e-Archive?

Foriba e-Archive Invoice Solution makes it possible to send all your invoices to the end users electronically.

Advantages of Foriba e-Archive
Send e-Invoice to Anybody

Your addressee does not have to be a company, or even registered into e-Invoice system. You can also send e-Archive invoice to end users.

Reduce your costs with e-Invoice

You can save your time and money for different tasks instead of spending manual effort on shipping and archiving folders of invoices. So, you can also help to preserve nature.

Have Your Own Free Advertisement Space

You can prefer to enrich your invoices with written or visual content, providing advertisements or greeting messages for the end user.


As e-Invoice transactions are completed electronically, less paper is consumed.

What Does Foriba e-Archive Offer?

Enables invoice send out to payers who have not switched to e-Invoice system yet.

Archives invoices in a secure way for 10 years.

You can create drafts similar to mail usage.

Makes it possible to send invoices via e-Mail.

You can view your invoices instantly. Anywhere, anytime.

Supports displaying advertising content and company messages.

It is a low cost and eco-friendly solution. No need to archive paper copies

It easily gets integrated with accounting systems you use.

e-Archive invoices created within a month are reported in the following period by Foriba on behalf of you,

according to the rules and formats defined by the Revenue Administration.