There is no need to spend hours to reach an agreement! You can complete agreement procedures using a single panel, without spending hours on the phone, waiting for the fax machine, or getting lost under a pile of documents.

What is Foriba e-Agreement?

Foriba e-Agreement is a digital solution allowing companies come to an agreement on credits and debits in an easier way, without the necessity of spending time with phone calls, fax or mailing. With e-Agreement, all companies can upload current account information into the system and compare it with counterparts. With REM (Registered Electronic Mail), you can easily provide legal evidence.

Advantages of Foriba e-Agreement
Reduces Costs

You can save money by eliminating shipping and paper expenses. Plus, your team has other important tasks to complete!

e-Agreement is Eco-Friendly

By carrying all your operations into a digital platform, you help to save the environment. Agreements between firms are completed digitally, and nature is preserved.

Easy and Rapid Data Flow

Foriba e-Agreement solution is compatible with all systems through which you can export excel files. Accordingly, it is very easy to access the data.

E-Agreement Saves Time

It is always tough to complete credit and debit agreements with all the time spent on the fax, phone and paper operations. With e-Agreement, you can save time by sharing your current account information, and compare company accounts easily.

Legal Advantage

With REM (Registered Electronic Mail), you can easily provide legal evidence for your agreements in the digital environment. E-Agreement meets the same legal requirements with notarized agreements, which absolutely provides you with more convenience.

What Does Foriba e-Agreement Offer?

Makes current balance send out possible in mass.

All data can be reported with sub-total.

You can get current account performance report.

You can compare your balance with payer companies.

You can share notes with your counterpart via the system.

You can use the system for multiple companies.

Delegation, authorization and role management for employees can be delivered.