Foriba Real Time Invoice Reporting Add On

(RTIR) for Hungary

As of 1 July 2018, Real Time Invoicing reporting will become mandatory for taxpayers, who are obliged to provide data on invoices for domestic transactions with minimum VAT amount of 100,000 HUF (app. 320 EUR). Invoice data must be reported to HU-TA (Hungarian Tax Authority) simultaneously.


  1. Exports, EU dispatches, domestic reverse charge and B2C transactions are excluded from the requirement to report,
  2. Invoice, no later than 24 hours,
  3. In case of a system outage, invoice shall be issued within 24 hours after the system is back on-line.

Data Submission

Requirements of the Data Processing Sytems to create the data mentioned are:

  • Needs to be submitted in XML format
  • Needs to be submitted through government web portal, referred to as KOBAK.
  • Completed upon retrieval of the confirmation code from Hungarian Tax Authority


  • Sales side domestic summary reporting will be abolished at the same time that live invoice data reporting commences.
  • Purchase side domestic summary reporting will remain in place VAT value decreasing from HUF 1 million to HUF 100,000 as of 1st of July


  • If invoicing is done described as in method 1, it will be transmitted immediately after the preparation of the invoice.
  • If invoicing is done manually (e.g. invoice pad), the data report shall be fulfilled on Web interface owithin 5 calendar days,
  • if charged VAT amount < HUF500,000  the next day after issuing invoice,