e-Invoicing in Mexico

What is e-Invoicing in Mexico?

Electronic invoicing in Brazil follows the format of the “Nota Fiscal Eletrônica” (NF-e), it is obligatory for nearly all enterprises in Brazil, and is managed by the Tax Authority (Fazenda) in collaboration with the relevant state level offices.

What is the CFDI ?

CFDI stands for Comprobante Fiscal Digital a través de Internet
It’s the system’s name for E-Invoicing in Mexico
In 2010: the Government announced the implementation for it and implemented it in 2015 in XML Format
By January 2018, V3.3 of CFDI is in usage

What are the Advantages?

Strengthen traceability, transparency and comprehensibility
3 principles: authenticity, integrity and availability
Improves security
Accelerate and increase efficiency of administrative processes
Integration of mission, logistic, accounting, financial and administrative processes
Deletion of risk of loss of documents
Simplify transactions and improve document management and collection management
Digital signature is an element that guarantees the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of the electronic invoice
Savings in printing, dispatch and storage costs
Having a single standard and electronic invoicing process for both B2G and B2B trade makes it easy for a company to implement one and compliant process

Foriba Mexico e-Invoicing Product Features

  • Integrated with Tax Authority

  • No Effects on SAP Standards and Upgrades

  • Easy to Integrate with SAP Standard Modules

  • Same Platform for Financial and Regulative Data

  • Fully Customized Reports and Notifications

  • Easy Error handling

  • Fast Adaptation to Regulation Changes,

  • Bug Fixes and New Features

  • Less Implementation Cost for Feature

  • No need any additional User and Platform to manage the Process

  • Detailed Documentation for Self-Implementation

  • Tailor-Made Interface Adaptation with User Exits

  • End to End Integration Project

How to get started

Contact Foriba for a detailed live demo on our SAP environment. Our experts could provide both remote and on-site demonstrations.

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