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Hungary announce real time Invoice Reporting as of July 2018

What is the RTIR?

From 1 July 2018, taxpayers are obliged to provide data on invoices for domestic transactions with minimum VAT amount of 100,000 HUF (320 EUR). Invoice data must required to report to NTCA without delay, but within 24 hour at least. The billing program must be able to detect the existence of the terms to meet reporting requirement for each invoice.

The new real time reporting basic principle of the data supply is that a XML data file may contain only one invoice. Software developers can review the current billing software and develop and test the necessary modifications, test their compliance with the XML data files they produce based on published XSD using KOBAK.

What is the new scope?

Exports, EU dispatches, domestic reverse charge and B2C transactions are excluded from the requirement to report,

Invoice, no later than 24 hours,

In case of a system outage, invoice shall be issued within 24 hours after the system is back on-line.

Foriba’s RTIR SAP Add-on Solution for Hungary Real Time Invoice Reporting

Foriba provides a SAP add-on for Real Time Invoicing in Hungary. The solution runs over SAP ECC, compatible with Hungary Tax Agency standards, covers the steps of creation Invoicing Records in XML format in SAP.
The solution is fully integrated in SAP without an external interface or use of external software and SAP release and upgrade independent.

Data supply includes the following main data circuits:

Technical data of data service: exact time, end point identifier
Billing software data: manufacturer’s name, software name, version number
Invoice type
Genuine invoice details
Modification invoice details

Foriba Private Cloud Landscape

  • Easy to Integrate with SAP Standard Modules

  • Same Platform for Financial and Regulative Datas

  • Fully Customized Reports and Notifications

  • Fast Adaptation to Regulation Changes,

  • Less Implementation Cost for Future

  • e-Transformation Projects

  • No need any additional User and Platform to manage the Process

  • Detailed Documentation for Self-Implementation

  • Bug Fixes and New Features

Foriba e-Invoice Basic Landscape

  • Private SAP Application ServerOne Integration for Multiple Countries

  • Easy Integration without touching any part of ERP System

  • Unlimited alternatives of Integration Methods

  • Fast Adaptation to Regulation Changes, Bug Fixes and new features

  • Cost Efficient Flexible Landscape for Country Specific

  • e-Transformation Propose

  • Less Implementation Cost for future e-Transformation

  • Dedicated Landscape for each Company

Foriba RTIR

  • 200+ ERP integration

  • 250+ Business Partners & Dealer Network

  • 70% of the e-Invoices in Turkey

  • ING Bank Private Integrators

  • Closely aligned with SAP

  • %100 Multilingual SAP Interface

  • Easy to adapt to new Countries and Regulations

  • No effects on SAP Standards and Upgrades

  • Successfully tested with billions of invoices

How to get started

Contact Foriba for a detailed live demo on our SAP environment. Our experts could provide both remote and on-site demonstrations.

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