Regulation updates in Italy.

Italy Regulation Updates: Corrispettivi Telematici & San Marino

  • Corrispettivi Telematici will be mandatory by 01.07.2019.

Corrispettivi Telematici, which refers to telematic fees, will be mandatory by 01.07.2019 for taxpayers with annual turnover exceeds 400.000 Euro. By 01.01.2020, the mandate will expand to all taxpayers.

What are Telematic Recorders?

Telematic recorders’ technology consists of a hard- and software components designed to record, store in permanent and unchangeable memories to transmit the fiscal data of sales to SdI.

FatturaPA format obligation is extended to San Marino!

The obligation for electronic invoicing in the FatturaPA format is extended to San Marino. San Marino is a micro-state in the territory of Italy.

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