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The FatturaPA is an electronic invoice that is in use within B2G, B2B, and B2C transactions.

What is FatturaPA?

Italy adopted a clearance model e-Invoicing system called “FatturaPA”. The FatturaPA is an electronic invoice (structured XML) and is the only type of invoice that is in use within B2G, B2B, and B2C transactions.
On 01.01.2014, the obligation of FatturaPA started with transactions between the Public Administrations & Government Offices and their suppliers.
On 01.01.2019 the use of FatturaPA became mandatory for B2B and B2C levels. Transmissions of the e-Invoices are made completely electronically via SdI. The issuer sends the e-Invoice to SdI, which works as a postman and transmits the e-Invoices to the recipient after the validation process.

Who is in scope?

  • The obligation to issue the electronic invoice concerns only the transactions between subjects that are resident and established in Italy for VAT purposes
  • Non-resident or non-established taxpayers in Italy
  • Minimum and Lump-sum operators
  • Health professionals who send data to the health care system
  • Subjects applying the special agricultural VAT regime
  • Amateur Sport associations

FatturaPa Sovos Foriba Cockpit

Italy FatturaPa Foriba Cockpit SAP.
  • Connectivity with SdI
  • Detailed Report Options
  • Posting Availability
  • Signature & Archiving

Sovos Foriba Add-ons for Italy

Sovos Foriba VIES Integrator Tool

  • Sovos Foriba VIES Integrator tool is an integrated solution with the e-invoice application in Italy in SAP. Before sending the e-invoice, it checks the VAT ID(Partita IVA) and Tax code (Codice Fiscale) of the customer from EU VIES web services to avoid e-invoice being rejected by SDI. Sovos Foriba VIES Integrator tool can also be scheduled to run periodically (daily, weekly etc.) or on demand, so that users can check the data quality instantly.

Sovos Foriba Invoice Alignment Tool

  • With the requirement of monthly alignment with the debtor/creditors, users can select the invoices and send to the recipients. Recipients can see the debt/credit totals as a summary or in the invoice level of detail. They can approve or reject the debt/credit of the invoice. This can be scheduled to be done periodically, so for the specified timeframe debtors/creditors will be informed and alignment will be found.

Italy Inbound Invoice Automatic posting

  • In order to benefit from the standard format of the e-invoices, Sovos Foriba Automatic posting tool helps taxpayers to eliminate the manual data entry to the standard SAP posting transactions and run integrated with the e-invoice solutions. Sovos Foriba automatic e-invoice posting tool transmits data from original XML invoices to the preferred standard SAP invoice posting transactions (MIRO, FB60, F-02, etc.).

Sovos Foriba SAP Esterometro Add-on

The Esterometro 2019 is the new Spesometro, which is communicated to tax authority the operations for goods and provision of services performed and received to and from parties not established in Italy. The operations to be communicated are:

  • Invoices issued to non-established EU entities even if identified for VAT purposes in Italy, for which no electronic invoice has been issued via SDI
  • Invoices received from non-established EU entities
  • Invoices issued for general services to non-EU subjects for whom the electronic invoice has not been issued and for which there is no customs invoice
  • Self- service for services received from non-EU subjects
  • Self-invoicing for purchases of goods from Italian warehouses of non-EU suppliers

Global Features

runs on SAP as an end-to-end solution

on-premise / private cloud options

data analytic capabilities

tailor-made product

easily customizable upon customer’s needs

flexible solution

can be adjusted based on the customer’s design.

connects internal & external data sources

How to get started

Contact Sovos Foriba for a detailed live demo on our SAP environment. Our experts could provide both remote and on-site demonstrations.

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