Sovos Foriba continues to make new expansions to Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Central Asia.

As being the firm with the most processed electronic documents, Sovos Foriba, leads the development of corporate software and integration services market. It instantly became the leader of this market in Turkey by its customer number of 13.000+ and by the hold of the majority management slice, %70, of Turkey’s e-Invoices. Sovos Foriba is now targeting to be one of the biggest brands in the Digital World.

Global Markets Business Development Manager of Sovos Foriba, Mr. Bulut Arukel, has commented on the subject; “With our information leadership in e-Transformation processes and our strategic alliances, as well as the countries we serve, we are leaning towards supporting all other markets with regulatory obligation. Throughout the process, we take over all our clients’ legal responsibilities and regulatory updates as trusted advisors.

With our foreign investors’ support we would keep adding new global clients to our portfolio as well as offering “market standard platform” and new solutions to our current clients. We are planning to accelerate our global operations by opening new offices abroad.

We are expanding our mission to become “The e-Transformation Platform” as globally with starting to serve in our new targeted countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
In this context, whether the country has regulatory obligations or not, if a client in any country, uses the Sovos Foriba common platform, they would be in compliance with invoicing and audit format of the country that they are in service.

The aim, as Sovos Foriba and our investors, is to provide a standard easy and manageable market platform with in compliance of the present country’s legal obligations to our solution partner clients. In addition to that, we are now going global with our e-Reconciliation solution, combines the accounting reconciliations with a common language, which client comments and our market analyses show as a problem. With e-Reconciliation solution, agreements can be made automatically whether it is in company or not, even with different reconciliation formats.
Our one of valuable other global solution is e-Audit which provides automatic audition of documents prepared, especially in Europe, in SAF-T format. We strive to make e-Transformation journeys easier and easier for our clients with our unique value-added products. “

While in Italy, it would be compulsory to transform to e-Invoice in oil industry after the 2nd quarter of 2018, in 2019 this obligation would include all the taxpayer.

In Hungary all the taxpayers would transform to e-Invoice as of July 2018.

In Spain, where e-Invoice are already used locally, regulatory expansions would take place soon with new updates.
On the other side, on the coming period Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan give start to e-Invoice regulations which has been sampled from Turkey.

Sovos Foriba also provides solutions globally for the countries where the Digital Government Regulations occurs mandatory like Belgium (Customer-Vendor invoice), Netherlands (Customer-Vendor invoice) LATAM (Colombia / Mexico / Chile / Peru) Countries (customer invoice), Russia (customer-vendor invoice), Asia Pacific Region (Taiwan/ Thailand /Vietnam / Philippines).

Sovos Foriba is designing end-to-end value added solutions by following closely the tax advisories of the present country’s tax directors and sector advisors, as well as the tax audit format standard (SAF-T) and other e-transformation developments used in 8 European countries, especially in Poland.

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