Sovos Foriba and InfoCert enter into an e-Invoicing Partnership

The agreement offers simplicity, speed, reliability and compliance of the InfoCert electronic invoicing solutions to all Sovos Foriba customers, SAP users and those with business dealings in Italy.

Rome (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey)July 26th, 2018 – InfoCert (Tecnoinvestimenti Group), as Europe’s largest Certification Authority, and Sovos Foriba, an international e-Transformation company and leader in e-Invoicing, have announced their partnership in electronic invoicing integrated with SAP.

Besides its other advantages, his solution allows SAP customers to have a management dashboard that permits verifying the status of sending active invoices and receiving passive accounts, whilst managing the most common exceptions with a graphical interface that is fully integrated with SAP. Indeed, Sovos Foriba Module can be integrated with any SAP installation, either on-site or in the Cloud.

Sovos Foriba has chosen InfoCert as a partner of reference for the Italian market not only for electronic invoicing services, but also for all the other associated facets on offer.

Thanks to the integration with LegalInvoice HUB, Sovos Foriba customers will have access to all the trusted services offered by InfoCert. In addition to sending and receiving electronic invoices; it is also available for digital preservation, digital signature, time-stamping, processing and document transformation services adapting to the various formats used internationally.

With the integration developed between Sovos Foriba and InfoCert, the activation times for digital billing processes are significantly reduced. This solution permits the needs of national and international companies operating within the Oil & Gas sector to be immediately addressed, upon firstly complying with the new regulations for B2B electronic invoicing in Italy.

Sovos Foriba provides end-to-end e-Transformation solutions to thousands of companies in all sectors and of all sizes in a range of countries, whilst managing 70% of the entire electronic invoicing market in Italy for a total of almost 26.5 million invoices handled, with a monthly transaction value  amounting to 20 billion euro. The company boasts references at a global level, with a portfolio including brands such as Shell, Turkish Airlines, ING, Mercedes-Benz, Bayer and many others.

Today’s agreement thus allows Sovos Foriba’s Italian and international clients to manage the electronic invoicing process, availing of access to InfoCert’s services (e-Invoicing, Substitutive Conservation, Digital Signatures, etc.), all fully-integrated into Sovos Foriba’s software modules.

“We are continuing to invest in electronic invoicing, with more than 60,000 customers so far.  We are constantly improving our billing solutions through a service that meets all regulatory requirements with regards to both B2B and PA, including those issued recently. Once more, InfoCert confirms its capacity to support and facilitate business in an innovative, simple and effective way. This new partnership with Sovos Foriba confirms InfoCert’s primary role on the international scene as a facilitator of digital transformation, as evidenced by the participation in relevant European R&D projects, the presence of our solutions on various foreign markets and the commercial agreements with major players abroad including, indeed, Foriba,” states Carmine Auletta, InfoCert’s Chief Innovation Officer.

“Italy’s role is undoubtedly crucial in our international expansion strategies, as can be seen by the recent opening of our first foreign branch in Milan. To achieve the ambitious goals we have set ourselves, choosing the right partners in terms of reliability, experience and innovation capacity is paramount. We are confident that InfoCert has all these requirements and that, also thanks to the company’s solutions, we will be able to further increase the satisfaction of our customers and render our market offering even more competitive,” declares Bulut Arukel, Sovos Foriba’s International Business Development Director.

InfoCert SpA

InfoCert, of the Tecnoinvestimenti Group, is the largest European Certification Authority, operating in over twenty countries. InfoCert provides digitization, eDelivery, Digital Signature and Digital Document Conservation services. InfoCert is also the accredited manager of AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale – the Agency for Digital Italy) for the digital identity within SPID (Sistema Pubblico per la gestione dell’Identità Digitale – being the Public System for the management of Digital Identity).

InfoCert invests significantly in terms of quality and research and development. The Company holds a significant number of patents, whilst the ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 quality certifications attest to the highest levels of commitment to service provision and security management. The InfoCert Information Security Management System is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for EA:33-35 activities.

InfoCert is a Digital Trust Service Provider, fully compliant with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation (EU Regulation 910/2014) and the ETSI EN 319 401 standards. InfoCert holds an 80% share of Sixtema SpA, the technological partner of CNA World, which provides technological solutions and consulting services to SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professional firms and institutions. In 2018, InfoCert also acquired 51% of Camerfirma, one of the leading Spanish certification authorities.

Tecnoinvestimenti Group

The Tecnoinvestimenti Group reported the following consolidated results for 2017: Revenuesof €181 million, EBITDA of €40.6 million and a Net Profit of €20.3 million. Listed on the STAR market segment of the Milan Stock Exchange, the Group is amongst the leading operators in Italy within the three business areas: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, and Innovation & Marketing Services. Through the companies InfoCert, Visura and Sixtema, the Digital Trust Business Unit provides digitization, electronic invoicing, certified email and digital signature products and services, along with services for professionals, associations and SMEs. As the largest European Certification Authority, InfoCert recently acquired a 51% stake in the Spanish company Camerfirma. The Credit Information & Management Business Unit, in which operates the recently renamed subsidiary Innolva, offers services to support decision-making processes such as chamber and real estate information, aggregated reports, synthetic ratings, decision models, plus credit analysis and recovery. RE Valuta offers real estate services, including appraisals and evaluations. Through the companies Co.Mark and Warrant Group, the Business Unit for Innovation & Marketing Services offers a consultation platform for SMEs to support their phases of production growth and the expansion of their commercial capacity. As of 31st December 2017, the Group’s personnel consisted of 1,187 employees.

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