19 years old FIT Solutions, is now Sovos Foriba!

Founded in 1999, most electronic document processing, e-transformation leader FIT Solutions, announced its new brand name Sovos Foriba after new mergers and acquisitions. One of its’ competitiors and one of the IT market leaders and developer of technological financial applications FIGO has merged with FIT Solutions and now continue their work under the brand name of Sovos Foriba. With these mergers Foriba would manage its operational processes, improve the service quality and accelerate its policy to expand.

Market Leader with Customers More Than 13.ooo

Sovos Foriba transforms companies’ financial and accounting processes to digital medium. It directs the corporate software and integration services market. In Turkey, 20% of companies transforming to e-Invoice and 33% of companies transforming to e-Archive choose Foriba. It instantly became the leader of this market in Turkey by its client number of 6500+ and by the hold of the majority management slice, 70%, of Turkey’s e-Invoices. Foriba is now aiming to be one of the biggest brands in the Digital World.

15 Different Solutions in e-Transformation

There is lot of expanses and consumed time in the financial and accounting processes just caused by paper work. Sovos Foriba gives you the opportunity to eliminate these problems by its innovative solutions like e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Delivery Note and more.

With these solutions Sovos Foriba frees you from the costs like printing, mailing, archiving and turns all these processes to a click. By Sovos Foriba’s solutions, your financial and accounting procedures would transform in to the electronic medium, to Sovos Foriba’s portal where everything is much easier and profitable.

Other than always improving itself, Sovos Foriba never stops expanding its solution package. This year’s latest solutions are e-Delivery Note and Foreign Trade solution would facilitate your life as well. As all the other solutions they are in accordance with the regulations and law. e-Delivery Note is an electronic form of the letter of carriage which used during the shipment and transport of a good. Foreign Trade solution on the other hand, ensures you to monitor and follow import and export transactions and processes on a single screen. Not only reducing your costs, improve your work productivity, Sovos Foriba’s solutions also protects the nature.

Global Perspective to e-Transformation

Sovos Foriba is designing end-to-end value added solutions by following closely the tax advisories of the country’s tax directors and sector advisors, as well as the tax audit format standard (SAF-T) and other e-transformation developments used in 8 European countries, especially in Poland.

While in Italy it would be compulsory to transform to e-Invoice in oil industry after the 2nd quarter of 2018, in 2019 this obligation would include all the taxpayer. In Hungary all the taxpayers would transform to e-Invoice as of July 2018. In Spain, where e-Invoice are already used locally, regulatory expansions would take place soon with new updates.  On the other side, on the coming period Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan give start to e-Invoice regulations which has been sampled from Turkey.

The market of corporate software and integration services grows more and more every year in Turkey. Sovos Foriba is working on a global common platform, taking into account the regulations in the countries where expanding the service network is planned.

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