As FIT Solutions we have been leading the electronic transformation by closely following the global trends since 1999. Now we maintain being in the most innovative software firms of digital world with its innovative solutions and ever expanding R&D team under the name of Foriba.

Success Stories

  • "We will continue to work with Foriba as it is a company that has proven itself in its field."

    Selçuk Gülten
    Independent Accountant Financial Advisor
  • With the changes and innovations in our e-Transformation processes, we save about 75% in the number of invoices that touch the hand of a user despite a serious increase in the number of invoices.
    We have always been successful in the projects we have implemented with Foriba so far. This clearly shows the harmony in our work. Foriba has always provided us in full with the support we need after project completion. All of this is the proof of how we made the right decision by choosing to work with Foriba for e-Transformation projects.

    Yeşim Şahin
    Demand and Project Management Manager, Migros

Our Solutions

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